RCSP Installer Webinar:

Want to learn the best practices for completing the application with minimum turnaround time? Click here for a recap of the February 6th installer webinar.

RCSP Incentive Increase:

Effective November 7, 2018 the new RCSP incentives will be as shown in the chart under the Program Details Tab. The new incentives will apply to new applications and applications currently in the Part 1 approved status as of end of day November 6, 2018.

RCSP Installer Webinar:

Did you miss the RCSP installer webinar held on June 13th? Click here for a recap of all the valuable information pertaining to the program.

Program Updates:

1) Data Sharing Agreement: Applicant can optionally provide login information to allow EEA to access system monitoring information for program evaluation purposes.

2) Projects planned with a DC capacity that exceeds 150% of the inverter AC capacity require a written rationale.

3) Nested under the Program Details tab, the “About Solar” page brings attention to helpful external solar resources

4) The design factor has been removed from the application as it is automatically calculated per the specified system details.

5) The following documents have been updated:
RCSP Terms and Conditions (Previously titled “RCSP Guidebook”)
– Incentive Confirmation and Claim Form

6) Systems must be designed to produce at least 70% yield of a system with optimal azimuth and tilt at that location. Previously 75%.

7) The RCSP Terms & Conditions have been updated to include amended system expansion language:

2.1d: Expansions to existing systems, however only the expansion portion of the system is eligible for the RCSP.
2.1e: Expansions to existing systems who have previously received funding through the RCSP, however all        combined RCSP incentives may not exceed $10,000 per Site ID for residential applicants and $500,000 per Site ID for commercial and non-profit applicants.

8) The RCSP Terms & Conditions have been updated to define eligible “new systems”:

2.2c: The system must be a new installation, where “new” is defined as installations that have an interconnection approval from the wire service provider signed no earlier than one year prior to the RCSP Part 1 application submission date. Additionally, all components must be new and cannot have been used in an energized solar array at any point in the past;

Download the Energy Efficiency Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program Terms and Conditions here

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