Program Details


The following are eligible to participate in the Residential and Commercial Solar Program:

  • All homeowners with homes in the province. Single and multi-family homes are eligible.
  • All businesses with facilities in the province.
  • Institutional facilities in Alberta that are not eligible for other Provincial programs.
  • Publicly funded post-secondary institutions found on this list are eligible to participate in the RCSP. Note: These institutions are eligible under the commercial and institutional category.
  • All non-profits with facilities in the Province that meet the eligibility criteria outline in the Program Terms & Conditions.
  • Expansions to existing solar PV systems, however only the expansion portion of the system is eligible for the RCSP.
  • Expansions to existing solar PV systems who have previously received funding through the RCSP. Refer to Program Terms & Conditions
  • Schools from Grades K-12 with facilities in Alberta, that are operated as a private school authority type as per the Government of Alberta’s authority type categories;

Eligible Projects

To qualify for funding under the Residential and Commercial Solar Program, all projects must be:

  • Grid connected and compliant with the Government of Alberta’s Micro-generation Regulation (AR27/2008), as amended from time to time;
  • Solar PV system must be designed and installed by a qualified installer (not self-installed) and all solar PV system components must meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements for electrical safety or an equivalent certification to applicable Canadian standards;
  • New installation, where “new” is defined as installations that have an interconnection approval from the wire service provider signed no earlier than one year prior to the RCSP Part 1 application submission
    date. Additionally, all components must be new and cannot have been used in an energized solar array at any point in the past;
  • Must not have received an incentive for a solar PV system on the same parcel/property (based on site ID) must not have received an incentive for a solar PV system under another provincial solar incentive program
  • Solar PV system’s equipment must carry these minimum warranty levels:
    • Modules: 20-year power performance and 10-year manufacturing
    • Inverter(s) and/or micro-inverter(s): 10-year manufacturing
  • Solar PV system must be designed to produce a solar yield that is at least 70% of a system with optimal azimuth and tilt at that location. The solar yield is automatically calculated in the Part 1 application screen.

Ineligible Projects

The following solar PV system types are ineligible for the Residential and Commercial Solar Program:

  • Solar PV systems that are eligible for the following programs;
    • Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP);
    • The Alberta Indigenous Solar Program (AISP);
    • The Energy Efficiency Alberta Community Energy Capacity Building Program (CECB);
    • The Alberta On-Farm Solar PV Program*;
    • Any other provincial solar incentive program that may follow;
  • Solar PV systems located on temporary structures.
  • Solar PV systems installed on schools within the province of Alberta which serve Kindergarten (K) and/or a set of grades 1-12 and report to School Authorities classified as Public, Separate, Francophone, and Charter by Alberta Education are not eligible. Schools with the Charter authority type Federal, and Federal First-Nations are not eligible.
  • Solar PV systems installed on municipally owned facilities or on municipally owned land that qualifies under the AMSP. This includes non-profit Community-Related Organizations (CROs) facilities, community leagues and community association buildings.
  • Solar PV systems located on buildings owned by the Federal Government of Canada.
  • Off-grid solar PV systems.
  • Self-installed solar PV systems.
  • All solar thermal projects;
  • Solar PV systems owned by the federal or provincial government;
  • Solar PV systems owned by industrial, institutional and commercial facility owners operating within the Province of Alberta who are classified as Large Final Emitters (LFE) or are facilities that have opted in to the Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation (CCIR) are not eligible to apply for the RCSP. A Large Final Emitter (LFE) means facilities that are subject to the CCIR (formerly the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation). This applies to facilities that have emitted more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in 2003 or any subsequent year.


The following products are not supported by the Residential and Commercial Solar Program:

  • Solar powered water heaters
  • Solar light tubes
  • Solar signs
  • Solar LED fixtures
  • Solar battery storage systems
  • Solar integrated chillers

Download the Energy Efficiency Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program Terms and Conditions here

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