Program Details

How to Participate

All applications for the RCSP will be completed through the online application portal at The application can be completed by either the solar PV system owner or lessee or the solar PV installer, contractor, designer, or designated representative. The application allows for the incentive payment to go directly to the solar PV installer with the completion of the “Assignment of Incentives Form” signed by the solar PV system owner or lessee and the solar PV installer. Additionally, leased systems and systems under a power purchase agreement or financing agreements the lessee of the solar PV system may opt for payment to go directly to the solar PV system leasing company with the lessee’s signed approval.

The application is a two-part process. Upon completion of Part I, a conditional approval will be issued by email. This will guarantee distribution of funds if the project is completed per the conditions of Part I approval within the allotted time frame. Once the project has been completed and interconnection approval received, the applicant can complete Part II of the application, which will trigger payment of the incentive.

Both Part I and Part II approvals can be expected within one week of submission unless additional information is required. Payment by direct deposit can be expected to arrive in the identified bank account within 5 to 10 business days of Part II approval.

Create an online account

The application can be completed by a; solar PV system owner, solar PV system lessee, solar PV installer, contractor, designer, or any other designated representative (herein the “Applicant”). The applicant must create an account at A solar PV installer may also create a single account to submit multiple applications on behalf of each of their customers.

Complete Part I Application

Once an account has been created, the following information is required to complete Part I of the application:

Solar PV system installation address: This is to identify the location where the solar PV system will be installed.

  • Property owner name (for residential projects); Company name and primary contact (commercial projects)
  • Address of location where the solar PV system will be installed

Mailing address of solar PV system owner/lessee: This is to identify the mailing address of the solar PV owner or lessee

Solar PV owner/lessee details:

  • Applicant type (Commercial, residential, non-profit)
  • Business type (in the case of commercial applicant type)
  • Under SGER (this is a yes/no response to identify if your commercial facility is regulated under the Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation)
  • Site ID (the site ID of the location where the solar PV system will be installed is required)
  • Wire Services Provider (Provide the name of your wire services provider here)
  • Last 12 months of electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (Kwh) (This is found on your utility bills)
  • Peak electricity demand in Kwh and timing (commercial only)

Solar PV system installation details:

  • Material costs ($)
  • Labour cost ($)
  • Permit costs ($)
  • Other costs ($) (note: very high costs in this category may require an explanation at the discretion of the program administrator)
  • Total project costs ($) (this is the addition of material, labour, permitting and other costs)
  • Is the electricity service for this site ID designated as a “farm rate class” (Y/N) (Farm rate class designation can be determined by contacting your wire services provider)
  • Does this solar PV system qualify for any other Provincial solar incentives? (Y/N) (You cannot participate in the RCSP AND any of the following solar incentive programs; Municipal Solar Program, Alberta Indigenous Solar Program, On-Farm Solar Program)
  • Has your solar PV system received incentive from any other solar incentive programs? (Y/N) (In this field you can identify if you received funds from any Alberta municipal solar programs as listed in section 4.5)
  • Solar PV installer company name (Eligible solar installers are available on a drop-down list)
  • How is your solar PV system financed? (This can be self-financed, leased or loan)
  • Wire Services Provider (Provide the name of your wire services provider here)
  • Estimated interconnection date of your solar PV system
  • Estimated online date of your solar PV system

Solar PV system details:

  • Is the system grid connected (Y/N)
  • Solar PV module manufacturer name
  • Solar PV module #
  • Solar PV module warranty length in years (Must be minimum of 25 years)
  • Solar PV inverter model number
  • Number of inverters utilized in solar PV system (this can be a fraction in the case of utilizing a 2 module micro-inverter for 1 module)
  • Inverter warranty length in years (must be minimum of 10 years)
  • Solar PV system tracking type (fixed, single axis, dual axis)
  • Number of orientations of your solar PV system

Details requested for each solar array:

  • Number of modules
  • Rated capacity in Watts DC of modules (provide the rated capacity for one module in the array – this assumes all modules in the array have the same capacity)
  • Array tilt angle (in degrees between 0 and 90)
  • Array azimuth angle (in degrees between 0 and 360)
  • Mounting location of the array (rooftop, ground)

Solar PV system summary

  • Rated solar PV system capacity (W)
  • Rated solar system inverter AC capacity (W)
  • PV Watts Estimated annual production (kwh)
  • Optimal PV Watts annual production (Kwh) (this is the value of production if the solar PV system is at the ideal azimuth and tilt at your location)
  • Percent of PV Watts optimal achieved by this solar PV system (%) (This is calculated automatically using; PV Watts estimated production/optimal PV watts annual production)

Incentive information

  • EEA incentive amount ($)
  • Incentive recipient type (solar PV system installer/owner/lease/leasing company)
  • Name of incentive recipient (individual or company name)
  • Assignment of incentive form (This form can be downloaded and completed or completed online)
  • Name of person completing the application
  • Role of person completing the application
  • Attestation confirmation (this is where the system owner, lessee or authorized agent agrees with the RCSP Terms and Conditions)
  • Date of submission of part I of the application (this is a date stamp generated automatically when part I is submitted to the program administrator)

The Part I application will be reviewed once submitted and the program administrator will contact the Applicant by email if any additional information is required. Applicants will be able to check the status of their Part I approval on their dashboard at Any additional required information should be emailed to the program administrator at

The Applicant will be notified by email when their Part I application is approved, at which time their funding will be reserved subject to project completion as submitted and approved and within the allowable time frame.

Complete the project

  • Obtain all required approvals to operate
  • Build the solar system per the Part I application

Complete Part II Application

Once a project has been constructed and energized, the Applicant must return to the application portal at The following information must be submitted::

  • Copy of the signed interconnection approval (also known as an Inter-operating Agreement or Interconnection Agreement) from your wire services provider.
  • Copy of the signed Incentive Confirmation and Claim Form completed by the customer and installer (generated within the application system).
  • Final itemized invoice for the project to account for all program-eligible costs submitted in Part 1 of the application. The invoice must break out at a minimum;
    • Material costs
    • Equipment costs
    • Permitting costs
    • Labor costs
    • GST
  • Photo that clearly shows all modules;
  • Photo of the inverter(s) or micro-inverter label that clearly shows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), UL, or equivalent Canadian certifications;
  • Photo of the module label that clearly shows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), UL, or equivalent Canadian certifications;
  • Photo of the inverter display or if micro-inverters were used, include a photo of microinverter communications unit screen that clearly show the total system production to date (kWh).
  • Applicant can optionally provide inverter login information to allow EEA to access solar PV system production information for program evaluation and analysis purposes.
  • If the solar PV system is located at a rural property, location coordinates may be requested so that the program administrators can accurately locate the property for verification purposes.
  • Applicant’s bank information for direct deposit of incentives payment.
  • Signed Data Sharing Agreement acknowledging EEA’s request to access system generation data from the solar PV system (accepted/declined on application)

Receive Final Approvals

  • Prepare for potential system inspection
  • Program administrator will review your supporting documentation once submitted and issue final approval

Direct Deposit of Funds

The program administrator will review the Part II application once submitted and disburse funds via direct deposit when all required information has been provided. The Applicant can expect the funds to be deposited into their account within 5 to 10 business days upon completion of Part II application and receipt of approval.


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