Program Details

How to Participate

All applications for the program will be completed through the program’s online portal. The application can be completed by either the applicant or the applicant’s installer, contractor, or designated representative. The applicant may opt to assign the payment of the rebate directly to the contractor upon project completion with an approval form signed by applicant. Additionally, leased systems and systems under a power purchase agreement where the host (owner of the location where the system is installed) is a different entity from the owner of the system may opt for payment to go directly to the system owner with the host’s signed approval.

The application is a two-part process. Upon completion of Part I, a conditional approval will be issued by email. This will guarantee distribution of funds if the project is completed as approved within the allotted time limit. Once the project has been completed and an interconnection approval received, the applicant can complete Part II of the application, which will trigger payment of the incentive.

Both Part I and Part II approvals can be expected within 1 week of submission unless additional information is required. Payment by direct deposit can be expected to arrive in the customer’s bank account within 10 business days of Part II approval.

Create an online account

The applicant or their installer must create an account. An installer or contractor may create a single account to submit multiple applications on behalf of the systems they install.

Complete Part I Application

Once an account has been created, the following information is collected for the Part I application:

Customer Information:

  • Name (for residential projects); Company name and primary contact (commercial only)
  • System owner and system host, where applicable
  • Business description (commercial only)
  • Location
  • Site ID
  • Utility name
  • Average annual consumption
  • Peak usage and timing (commercial only)

Project Details:

  • Total project costs
  • Solar contractor company name and business number
  • Type of mounting used
  • Estimated and actual milestone dates: application, permitting, interconnection, on-line, inspection (if applicable)
  • Financing information (if applicable)

System Details and Performance:

  • Panel nameplate capacity (DC and AC rating)
  • Azimuth and Tilt
  • Tracking type
  • PV module manufacturer
  • PV module model number
  • PV module quantity
  • PV module warranty length
  • Inverter manufacturer
  • Inverter model number
  • Inverter quantity
  • Inverter warranty length

The Part I application will be reviewed once submitted and the program administrator will contact the applicant by email if any additional information is required. Applicants will be able to check the status of their Part I approval and any additional information required on their dashboard

The applicant will be notified by email when their Part I application is approved, at which their funding will be reserved subject to project completion as approved and within the allowable time frame.

Complete the project

  • Obtain all required approvals to operate
  • Build the solar system per the Part I application

Complete Part II Application

Once a project has been completed, the applicant must return to the application portal. The following information must be submitted:

  • Copy of interconnection approval from the electric distribution company.
  • Confirmation and Claim Form signed by the customer and installer (will be generated by the web portal)
  • Final invoice for the project
  • Photo(s) including all panels and inverters clearly showing CSA or equivalent Canadian certification approval
  • Photo(s) of inverter meter reading or online monitoring system
  • Applicant’s bank information for direct deposit

Receive Final Approvals

  • Prepare for potential system inspection
  • Program administrator will review your supporting documentation once submitted and issue final approval

Direct Deposit of Funds

The program administrator will review the Part II application once submitted and disburse funds via direct deposit when all required information has been provided. The applicant can expect the funds to be deposited into their account within 10 business days of submitting a completed Part II application.


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