How to Apply

Step 1

Create an account and log in

  • Sign-up for a new account on the online portal
  • Login to your account to access the application

Step 2

Begin Part I Application

  • Begin a new application on your application dashboard
  • Provide basic customer information
  • Save and continue- You can return to the application at any time

Step 3

Provide project details

  • System cost information required
  • Select if you have received any other governmental incentives for this project

Step 4

Provide system and performance details

  • Submit the specifics of your project
  • Your total incentive amount will be automatically calculated based on information submitted in the application

Step 5

Provide owner and incentive recipient information

  • The owner should be the person or entity who owns the project
  • The incentive recipient can be the owner of the project, the installer, or another entity designated by the owner

Step 6

Sign and Submit Part I Application

  • Digital signature required for the attestation
  • Save and submit the application
  • The status of your application can be viewed on your dashboard at any time
  • Application will be reviewed by the program administrator within 1 week

Step 7

Begin Part II Application

  • Access to the Part II application will be available once Part I has been approved
  • Part II can be completed once the project has been installed and interconnection approval has been issued
  • Upload supporting documentation including:
    1. interconnection approval;
    2. signed grant confirmation and claim form;
    3. final sales invoice;
    4. renewable energy system photo;
    5. meter photo; and
    6. inverter photo.

Step 8

Provide Bank details

  • Enter bank information for direct deposit payment
  • Program administrator will review your supporting documentation and issue final approval

Part II approval and payment can be expected within 1 week of submission unless system inspection is required

Download the Energy Efficiency Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program Terms and Conditions here

Download PDF