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The Applicant shall fully cooperate with EEA in reporting progress on the project. The Applicant consents to EEA releasing any information contained in the Application, or related to it, and obtained by EEA in the course of verifying or auditing the Application, to any other government department, agency or other public body for the purposes of verifying this Application, determining the Applicant’s eligibility for this Program, or both, as subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act). The Applicant expressly authorizes EEA to obtain information from any government department, agency or other public body to verify the contents of this Application and to determine the Applicant’s eligibility for this program.

EEA will only collect, use and retain or destroy such collected information in accordance with applicable laws in Alberta.

If an Application is approved, for three years following Part II approval, EEA or its designees are entitled, at a reasonable time and upon reasonable notice to the Applicant, to attend the residence or business operation of the Applicant for the purpose of examining items pertinent to the solar PV system in order to assess whether the Applicant is in compliance with these program terms and conditions, and to conduct other measurement and verification activities if necessary.


The Applicant shall immediately refund to EEA any payment received under the RCSP not in accordance with the RCSP Terms and Conditions and the RCSP Incentive Confirmation and Claim Form upon notice being provided to the Applicant by EEA. Failure to make repayment as required by EEA creates a debt owing to the Provincial Crown that can be off-set against any money the Provincial Crown owes to the Applicant.

Right of Set-Off

The Applicant agrees that EEA may off-set against any other grant or amount payable to the Applicant under any programs administered within EEA any amounts that become repayable by the Applicant to EEA under the RCSP.

False or misleading information

An Applicant who provides false, misleading or incomplete information under the RCSP forgoes all rights to benefit from the RCSP.

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